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Our fees are always honest, up-front and published.  There are no extra fees* for older homes (except for homes built before 1945*), or homes with crawl spaces.    Compare our fees and our reports with any other company, you'll see we have the best inspection value in Ohio.

* Note: *Due to the increased concerns, issues & components, of a home built prior to 1945, there is an additional charge of $50.00 per home / unit.   * Requests for inspections, "beyond our normal inspection area", may also require an extra "trip fee".

 ~   Full Home Inspections   ~
For both new & older homes/condos and pre-sale inspections.   This is the most widely used inspection with a  full written report including digital photos of the homes components / problems, a home maintenance checklist guide, and more. 
For 3 Units or more, please call for quote )

    Total Sq. Ft. of Living    
Single Family Home
or Full Condominium
 ~ Interior Only ~
Under 1000 sf. with Slab
No basement,  Or, High Rise / Condo


~ ~
Up to 2,500 sf.
2,501 - 3,500 sf.
3,501 - 4,500 sf.
4,501 sf. & Up
    $480. +
       $410. +
  $630. +

Additional / 2nd Garages, or Barns / Large Storage Buildings

One Garage, and
Small Garden or Storage Sheds
(Included in Full Inspections)
 (Un-heated)  2nd or additional Garage,
Barns, Pole Barns, Large Storage Buildings
Starting at: $30.00  (price is based on size)
(Heated) 2nd or additional Garage,
Barns, Pole Barns, Large Storage Buildings
Starting at: $50.00 (price is based on size)

Call us to schedule your Inspection at:  440-212-3830
Fees are due at time of inspection and can be payed by check, cash or money order. 
Call us in advance to pay with M.C., Visa or American Express through PayPal.

~   Other Services   ~     

Radon Testing - Information about Radon and Radon health risks can be found on our "Radon Testing" page.

Radon Test w/ Full Inspection
Radon Test without Inspection
2nd Test, at same time/same home

Re-Inspections -   (within 60 days of original inspection)
 *  Includes reprints of report pages as needed. 
** Re-inspection, no written report update.

.*  Re-Inspection (w/ written update)
**  Re-inspection (No written update)
(Minimum re-inspection fees listed)

Thermal Imaging - Information & details about Thermal Imaging can be found on our "Thermal Imaging" page.

Thermal Imaging ~ W/ Full Inspection
$70.* and Up
Thermal Imaging ~ Without Full Inspection
$200.* & Up
*Min.Fee shown is based on homes under 2500 sq.ft.

Mold Assessment & Testing - Information & details about Mold testing can be found on our "Mold" page.

Mold Assessment ~ With Inspection
$70.00 & Up
Mold "Surface Sampling"~ With Mold Report
(based on # of tests)
See Details of Mold Services on our "Mold Page"

Major Defect Report or Partial Inspections -
For inspections reporting on a homes "major defects" or
inspections of just "some" of the homes systems, these
inspections can report on "all the homes major components",
or just cover "some" of the homes major components. 
A detailed written report is included.

All "major components" of a home.
Partial Systems Inspections

Consultation Visits - For those that do not need or want a full written report but still need an expert opinion on the property. 

Consultation Visit
(Up to 3 hours)
Additional time per 1/2 hr.