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Buying . . .    If you feel you may not need a full formal Inspection with a written report, but would still like an expert opinion before or after you make an offer on your property, we now offer "consultation only" visits.   Once you find the home you think you like, we will do a visit with you.  We will check key components of the home such as the roof, electrical systems, heating, foundation, etc. just as we would in a formal inspection.  However, there is no written report or photos.  The consultation focuses on key components, repair & safety issues, advise and whatever you would like "inspected" in the home.  We will verbally report and answer any questions you may have about the property.   This is a good, cost effective way to check key components of the home or several homes that you may be interested in before you decide to buy.  Our consultations are popular with investors and are being utilized more & more by home buyers that do not need full written reports.   Remember, this is verbal reporting and consultation only.  There is no written report by us;   We will however supply you with a client inspection note pad, for you to make notes about the properties components and conditions, and give you any addendums / information sheets, that may be needed to help you better understand a condition such as "Knob & Tube Wiring".

Selling . . .    Our property consultation will help you assess, just exactly what conditions your home has.   We will help you with what repairs may need to be done, and what you may want to leave "as is".   We know what will be looked at by buyers or the buyers inspector  that may "turn them off" to your property.  Inspectec will help you get your home sold faster and for more money!

Home Remodeling or Additions . . .    Consultation are also very helpful before starting a remodeling project or before making additions to your home.  It's also a very affordable way to find out what needs to, or can be done.  For example, how to add on to the existing electrical or heating system.  Things you need to know about and decide on, before you take on that next project.

Note: The consultation may include several homes if you like.  Consultation time includes total time at the properties and travel time between properties if there is more than one.