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Pre-Sale Inspections . . .

The Home seller's inspections, commonly known as ”Pre-sale” inspections, are becoming more and more common.  You the home seller, could benefit from it just as much, if not more than the home buyer!  Showing and selling a home can be made easy if you know how the condition of your home measures up in today's competitive real estate market.  A Pre-Sale Inspection will allow you to know the homes condition in the eyes of a buyer, or buyers inspector.  It will also tip you off, as to any unsafe conditions that you may not be aware of and could scare off potential buyers.  This allows you a better chance of avoiding problems and getting your home SOLD! 

     With a Pre-Sale Inspection Report You'll . . . .          

                           Sell  your home FASTER.
                           Sell Your home for MORE MONEY.
                           REDUCE negotiating time and problems.
                           PROTECT yourself from potential lawsuits.

For these and other reasons, a home inspection is a prudent first step in the process of selling your home. 

Benefits of a Pre-Sale Home Inspection . .
It could hasten the sale of your home. Buyers may be positively influenced by a professional home inspection report, improving the likelihood of a sale.
  • It could generate a higher selling price and put potential buyers at ease while viewing your home.  Buyers will feel more comfortable in making an offer, knowing it was inspected by a professional, unbiased inspector.
  • It could tip the scales in your favor, versus another property the homebuyers are considering. You will have the edge over other non-inspected homes.
  • It could allow you time to make any necessary repairs to your home that you were unaware of, instead of “being found” by the purchaser's home inspector in the middle of your closing whereas you may only have days, to correct issues.
  • It could allow you to leave some repairs undone that are not safety related. Or, give up-front disclosure / acknowledgement, of any defects that you have reflected in the sales price. This may leave the buyers with fewer or no objections.
  • If desired, we can also do a follow up inspections (if you do updates / corrections) after the inspection (within 30 days) and update your report pages for a price of $65.  This way your inspection report will show your home at its best.