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Radon Testing:
Ohio Law requires Radon Testers to be properly trained and licensed. You can check on a license with the Ohio Dept. of Health by clicking here: Radon License Check

Information about Inspector Requirements in Ohio:
Ohio law does not require Home Inspectors to be trained or licensed. Membership in NSHI (National Society of Home Inspectors), ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) or other professional organizations are the first step, of what you should look for to ensure you inspector has at least minimum training and a measure of quality and professionalism. There can be a big difference between the inspector who is a member and must follow the standards and ethics of these organizations and the inspector who just inspects.

Information about Inspection Organizations:
Membership in a national association such as NSHI, ASHI, is an important thing to look for when choosing your inspector but note that all these organizations have very basic and similar qualifications to join. Just because an inspector is a member, does not necessarily mean you are getting an experienced inspector that will go above and beyond the associations "minimum standards of practices".  Choose your inspector carefully and ask about experience, Do they do inspections full time, how many inspections have been performed, what tools are used, and always check to see what kind or report will be provided. Be very careful of inspectors providing a report immediately at the end of the inspection. They are almost always, very basic with a minimum of information. 




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