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There are some items that are not part of of standard home inspection and unless otherwise contracted for, are not fully inspected or reported on.  They include:

~ Low voltage electrical
~ Septic Systems
~ Solar Panels
~ Underground Tanks
~ Spinkler Systems
~ Pools / Spas
~ Barns / Out Buildings
~ Playground Equiptment
~ Water Softeners /
    Filtration Systems
~ Systems that are shut
    down, winterized, blocked

Our inspections are conducted to meet or exceed guidelines of NSHI  (The National Socitey of Home Inspectors).   We conduct a visual, non-evasive inspection that unless otherwise contracted does not include;  Environmental hazards including the presence or absence of asbestos, lead paint, radon, or urea formaldehyde insulation, Water or air quality, Presence of toxic or carcinogenic matter emitted from the ground, building materials, presence in water, in air supply or from the operation of any equipment, Items that are obstructed, inaccessible or not in plain view, Mold or mold type, Animal or insect infestations.

Although we do not inspect/test for the above mentioned conditions, InspecTec will include the possible presence of environmental hazards or safety conditions that are visually noticed.  All testing of environmental hazardous elements should by done in accordance with appropriate government/state regulations.